Our Team:

Brian Dunseth - Consultant

A ten-year professional, Dunseth began his career in college at California State University of Fullerton. A Standout, he went on to captain the US U-20 national team at the 1997 world championships. As one of the first people to sign to Project-40, he was then picked up by the New England Revolution. He later went on to captain the US Olympic team in 2000 in what would be the best showing ever by a US team. Playing seven years in the MLS, Dunseth then went on to experience one year in Sweden with Boden BK in 2004, before coming back to the MLS in 2005 and 2006 to wrap up a ten-year professional career.

Dunseth also brings tremendous experience in running his own soccer businesses. A Co-Owner of both Bumpy Pitch, a clothing company inspired by the history and global influences of soccer, as well as "our roots and experiences" while growing up in Los Angeles, and TheOriginalWinger.com, an online magazine which showcases and builds the culture and lifestyle that soccer inspires. Currently a Color Analyst and Sideline Reporter at Fox Soccer Channel, Dunseth has covered everything from Major League Soccer to UEFA Cup matches, Olympic Qualifiers, and United States National Team matches. Brian brings a wealth of knowledge and experiences to PROficient that nobody else in US soccer is capable of.